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BASTA provides you with tools to help choose non-hazardous materials. Our system is scientifically based with the purpose to phase out substances of concern from building and construction products.

Updated logotypes in BASTA

BASTA would like to inform all of you who are connected to the BASTA system that we have now published updated and new logos regarding the BASTA system’s rating/grading levels and product groups.

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Register your products in the BASTA-system!

Promote your building and construction products in a system with freely available information for all who want to make active product selections.

Strong commitement

Your company demonstrates a commitment to health and environment issues as well as to reduce the exposure of hazardous substances in our society.

Give your business an advantage

Having a BASTA registration is a prerequisite for any company that wants to participate in procurement tenders where high demands are placed on chemical content.

Environmental certifications

There has been a great increase in the sectors interest in keeping log books for building and construction projects. If your products pass our criterias they fulfill the demands on chemical content in Miljöbyggnad.



The BASTA register contains articles that meet the system’s more stringent chemical composition criteria.

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The BETA register contains products that meet the system’s basic chemical composition criteria.

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The DECLARED register contains products that do not meet all requirements in the BASTA or BETA criteria but where there is complete knowledge of the products’ chemical content.

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