The path to sustainable product choices

The BASTA system is scientifically based, with the aim of phasing out particularly dangerous substances from building and construction products.

Digital tools for product selection

Search service

In our database you will find over 180,000 building and construction products that achieve one of the BASTA system's grades. The database is open for anyone to search.

Logbook service

Document and follow up product selection in the building and construction process. Our logbook service focuses on traceability and digitization with direct connections to FINFO, CCBuild and eBVD.

Open API

Connect your own tools and databases to BASTA to always have correct and updated information about an article's status from the BASTA system. The integration is free of charge.

Education & events

Take part in current courses and events about development in the industry, BASTA's system and digital tools.

About BASTAonline AB

The BASTA system is aimed at anyone who wants to make informed product choices with the aim of phasing out substances with dangerous properties.

BASTA's database - Registered articles

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Registered articles

180 000

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Connect your company and register your articles in the BASTA system database — searchable and accessible to everyone.

Company pages

Here you will find all companies connected to the BASTA system.

Each company then has its own company page where more information about the company and its registered products are displayed.

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Connected companies


International API

Published 15 Feb 2024

BeWo, a Danish company that enables organisations to track their environmental footprint, is one of the most recent users of BASTA’s API. And the third international API user!

New and updated criteria

Published 01 Feb 2024

We have new and updated criteria on reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruptors, PBT, PFAS, PMT and recycled raw material. Changes will enter into force on August 1, 2024.

BASTA system part of hackathon win

Published 10 Oct 2023

Team Paramountric won the BIM Alliance hackathon 2023 with their solution for the BASTA system. We interviewed founder Andreas Rudenå.

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Education & Events

Take part in current courses and events about development in the industry, BASTA's system and our digital tools.

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