Notifications of criteria change

About criteria changes

BASTA's criteria are continuously developed by BASTA together with BASTA's scientific council and are based on the latest research and legislation in the field.

BASTAonline AB has the right to update the BASTA system's criteria on an ongoing basis. Changes that involve a tightening of criteria must be notified in writing at least six (6) months before they become mandatory. Companies connected to the BASTA system are obliged to keep up-to-date on new criteria and to update assessments and registrations within six (6) months of updated criteria being announced.

Notification takes place through:, this page
Through e-mails to companies connected to the BASTA system

Notifications of criteria change

New and updated criteria

Published 01 Feb 2024

New and updated criteria on reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruptors, PBT, PFAS, PMT and recycled raw material. The first of August the following criteria changes will enter into force.

Merged and updated criteria for BASTA, BETA and DECLARED

Published 30 May 2023

The criteria for the grades BASTA, BETA and DECLARED are now merged into one document. The requirements in the criteria have not been changed during this update.

Notifications of criteria change enter into force 2022-01-01

Published 01 Jan 2022

The BASTA, BETA and DECLARED properties criteria documents for 2022: A1 are now published on the website. The properties criteria 2022-01-01 include several clarifications but no changes and therefore no update of for example sub-supplier declaration or other documentation is needed.