BASTA cooperates with eBVD and has an integration to eBVD's API which means that articles that have an eBVD are matched against articles in BASTA's database. If a match can be made, the information from the eBVD is displayed directly on the article card in the BASTA system. Today we have over 35,000 matches between BASTA and eBVD.

The article cards show the following information:

  • Product name
  • Publication date
  • Company
  • ID
  • Link for download
  • Waste codes
  • Declared material content
  • View the content declaration

If you click on "View content declaration", the composition of the product according to the eBVD will be displayed. In it, you can see, among other things, components, materials and substances together with their concentration ranges, CAS numbers and H-Phrases.

Below is an example of how the eBVD information can look on an article card

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