Connect the company

Welcome to connect your company to the BASTA system.
Here follows a guide to get started with article registration and exposure of articles in BASTA's digital tools.

Step 1

Read the criteria and agreement terms

Before a company joins the BASTA system and register its products, it is important to read the criteria document and the terms for registering products, which are contained in the agreement concluded between the company that wants to register products and BASTAonline AB.

Click here to get to the criteria page. The agreement can be found on the document page.

Step 2

Assessment and documentation

It is the company's obligation to assess whether products to be registered meet the system's criteria and to save assessments along with the documents used

Step 3

Connect the company to the BASTA system

  1. Create a personal user account
  2. Connect to an existing company or register a new company
Step 4

Register products

When the company is activated on BASTAonline, users linked to the company can register products. Products must be registered at the article level, which means that each unique product must be registered as its own article.

Step 5

Updating registered products

The company is obliged to ensure that assessments are updated if the composition of the product changes, the constituent substances gets a changed classification or if the BASTA system's criteria are updated

Step 6


Companies that have joined the BASTA system must approve that BASTAonline AB has audits carried out to check that assessments and documentation are correct.

Important to know


Companies that join the BASTA system agree that BASTA regularly conducts audits to check registered articles.

More information

For those who register articles

Guidance on assessment and registration of articles in the BASTA system is available in our Guidance document.