BASTA conducts regular audits of connected companies to ensure the credibility and validate the assessments of the articles in the BASTA system. 

What is checked during the audit?

All companies that register their products in the BASTA system have agreed to be audited and have complete documentation for their assessment, and can present documentation and assessment documents in the event of an audit.

For more information, see the criteria document, template for audit report and the agreement to connect to the BASTA system.

The audit checks, among other things:

  • Assessment and documentation for a selection of registered articles
  • That the organizational criteria's are met
  • Documents from sub-supplier used in assessment


In BASTA's criteria document there are criteria that describe how the audit is carried out as well as criteria for what is the responsibility of the connected company.

Agreement to connect to the BASTA system

In the agreement concluded between the company and BASTAonline, more is described about audit.

Routine for the BASTA process

BASTA has developed a template for "Routine for the BASTA process" which can be used to ensure that the criteria regarding the organization are followed.

Template audit report

BASTA has developed an "Audit report" template that is used by our auditors, so if you want to see exactly what is checked during an audit, you can download it from our document page.

The process of auditing

Before the audit, the company is contacted by BASTAonline. It is therefore important that the company has specified the correct contact person.

After the audit is completed, any deviations must be corrected within three months.

Consequences of major deviations

If major deviations are revealed, BASTA has the right to unpublish registered articles until all the deviations are remedied.

BASTA's auditors

BASTA uses external experts, with documented knowledge of the BASTA system's criteria and assessments, for the audit work. Below are the companies that BASTAonline contracts with


Atkins Sverige




Krakenberger Miljö