Logbook service


Logbook service

A cost-effective way to log selected products in your construction and civil engineering projects.

  • Systematic approach to product selection
  • Quality assured control of items to achieve sustainable construction
  • Meet requirements regarding documentation and phasing out of hazardous substances

The most affordable system on the market

BASTA's logbook service is cost-effective and has a price level that is attractive regardless of whether it concerns a single logbook or a organizational offer.

Link to the environmental certifications for buildings

There are a number of certifications for buildings with criteria regarding digital logbooks and the content of hazardous substances in products that are built in.

Guidance document

All functions in the service are well explained in a Guidance document available in Swedish and English.


BASTA's digital tools enable property owners, property managers, property managers, building contractors, architects and building designers to document the items (building products) used in new production, remodeling and during the management of premises, buildings and facilities.

With the functions of the logbook, you can systematically work with article/product selection with a quality-assured control to achieve sustainable construction. Here follows a selection of the functions in BASTA's logbook service.

Integrated with external services


Recycled building materials

In the logbook, users can add articles directly from the CCBuild (Centrum för cirkulärt byggande) marketplace.

This means that it will be easier to add reused building materials to the logbook and this is a step towards a more circular construction with increased reuse.

For organizations that are connected to both BASTA and CCBuild there is also an opportunity to add reusable products from your internal marketplace on CCBuild.


Electronic construction product declarations

There is an integration with eBVD so that if the article has an eBVD, that information is displayed directly on the article page. You also get access to a downloadable eBVD when the article is added to a logbook.


+1,7 million construction articles

In the logbook, users (if the article cannot be found in BASTA's database) can search FINFO's article database with quality-assured article information for over 1.7 million construction articles.

Through this integration, the flow is simplified when you need to add articles that are not in BASTA's database and you do not have to manually enter all the information.


The events calendar

Education & events

Take part in current education courses and events about the BASTA system or book a walk through of the logbook service.