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Guidance to sustainable construction materials

The BASTA system is aimed at anyone who wants to make informed product choices with the aim of phasing out substances with dangerous properties. This can be property owners, contractors, architects, building designers, private individuals and more.

By phasing out substances with hazardous properties from building and construction products, the BASTA system contributes to achieving:

  • Sweden's national environmental goal "Toxic-free environment"
    UN global goal "Sustainable consumption and production"
  • The Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate's work with the "PRIO tool"
  • BASTA is supported by the major players in the civil engineering sector and by authorities such as the Chemicals Inspectorate and the Swedish Transport Administration.

BASTA is a non-profit company and is owned by IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet & Byggföretagen.

Our vision

Construction products are free of hazardous substances, they are based on renewable resources and can be circulated.

Our mission

BASTA supports the construction industry's sustainability work by defining requirements, spreading knowledge and making information and tools available to facilitate conscious product choices.

How do we achieve this?

  • We support product selection based on several sustainability aspects – such as chemical content, climate efficiency, circularity and renewability.

  • We have an open system that gives everyone who wants to make sustainable product choices access to quality-assured assessments of products.

  • The criteria in the system are transparent and scientifically based and harmonized with the European chemical legislation and the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate's PRIO tool.


BASTA has partnerships with important actors in the industry with the goal of facilitating the process of assessing and registering articles, as well as disseminating information about registered articles in the most efficient way to those who make product choices.

Digital tools

BASTA provides digital tools to facilitate and encourage sustainable product choices.

In our database you will find building and construction products that meet one of the BASTA system's grades. BASTA's database is open for anyone to search, either directly via our website or via our API.

The digital tools also include support for article registration and a logbook service for documentation and follow-up of product selection in the building and construction process.

Methodology & core values


Addresses and contact persons


Logos and terms of use for the BASTA system logos.


Alongside the operational team are the following support functions.

Board and election committee

Scientific Council

Marketing Council

Audit Council


International API

Published 15 Feb 2024

BeWo, a Danish company that enables organisations to track their environmental footprint, is one of the most recent users of BASTA’s API. And the third international API user!

New and updated criteria

Published 01 Feb 2024

We have new and updated criteria on reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruptors, PBT, PFAS, PMT and recycled raw material. Changes will enter into force on August 1, 2024.

BASTA system part of hackathon win

Published 10 Oct 2023

Team Paramountric won the BIM Alliance hackathon 2023 with their solution for the BASTA system. We interviewed founder Andreas Rudenå.

BASTA day 2023

Published 25 Sep 2023

Welcome to a hackathon

Published 04 Sep 2023

Are you a developer or designer? Who wants to create a more efficient, digitalized and sustainable spatial planning process? Welcome to a hackathon!

DEROME retrieves data VIA API

Published 01 Sep 2023



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