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For those who register articles

Here you will find in-depth guidance on the article information to be registered, as well as guidance on assessment with calculation examples.


Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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Registration of article information

What information about the article/product must be provided when registering in the system?


Many articles?

Management of many articles can be advantageously handled via our import and export function. Here you can both add articles and update information on existing articles in the system.


Assessment och products

What is to be assessed and how is it done?
Do you want to know more?

In our document library, you can download agreements, templates and guidance documents linked to the BASTA system.


Substance content & calculation examples

What needs to be documented about the substance content of the article?

Here are calculation examples for subjects.



BASTAonline continuously performs audits of connected companies

Market the company's products in the BASTA system

— open for all to search

BASTA's grades and criteria make it easier for anyone who wants to make informed product choices. Companies that register their articles show that they work actively with health and environmental issues and contribute to the reduction of hazardous substances in society.

Connect the company

In which services are the articles exposed?

BASTAs search service

BASTA's search service is a free and open search service for everyone - available on BASTA's website.

On BASTA's website, each affiliated company also has its own company page where the company's registered articles are displayed.

Logbook service

The logbook service is a digital service where products used in the construction process can be documented. Via the logbook service, you can access all articles that are in the search service. The service offers workspaces with logbooks for e.g. builders, contractors, designers, architects and administrators.

API service

BASTA's API service is a free way to retrieve article data from BASTA's database to add to their own systems and services.

Company page

On BASTA's website, your company receives a company presentation with contact details, web addresses and all information about your registered articles.

Easily share your company page with stakeholders via internet address (URL) or with a QR code.

Artikelutbud i söktjänsten

On our website there is also a dedicated page in our search function with your entire product range. You reach your company's page in the search function by clicking on the "magnifying glass" on your company page.

Users can easily filter and search your article register there. You can refer to this page via Internet address (URL) and QR code.

Article pages

Each individual article gets its own page where all the information provided during registration is compiled. Here, in addition to the grade, all criteria fulfillment within mandatory and optional criteria areas is also visible.

Each article page has a unique Internet address (URL) and its own QR code. The QR code can be used to refer to your items, for example in a store.


Annual fee 2024

The annual fees are adjusted annually according to Statistics Sweden's “Services producer price index”, the adjustment is based on the service price index for quarter 1 of the previous year, starting with the annual fees for 2024, with rounding to even SEK 500 intervals. BASTAonline AB also has the right to make individual adjustments to the annual fee, which must be announced at least four (4) calendar months before the new annual fee becomes effective. This does not apply to adjustments according to the services producer price index.

Based on turnover and utilization

The annual fee for is based on the company's annual turnover and number of registered articles. Prices below are excluding of VAT.

  • 1–3 articles: 4 500 SEK
  • 4–10 articles: 8 000 SEK
  • more then 10 articles: 11 500 SEK

  • 1–3 articles: 8 000 SEK
  • 4–10 articles: 16 000 SEK
  • more then 10 articles: 23 500 SEK
The events calendar

Education & events

Take part in education opportunities from BASTA. We offer, among other things, open webinars with an introduction to the system and half-day courses on criteria and registration.

You can also book company training courses if there are many of you who want to learn more about BASTA.

More than 450 connected companies

A number of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers have chosen to join the BASTA system.

More benefits

Participate in procurements

Registered articles in BASTA improve companies' opportunities to participate in procurements where high requirements are placed on chemical content.


External stakeholders and certifications

In society, there is an increased interest in environmental certification of buildings. Articles registered in the BASTA system can be used to demonstrate that the criteria of the certifications are met. Click here to read more.

Active health and environmental work

We feature articles from companies that work actively with health and environmental issues, and contribute to reducing exposure to hazardous substances in our society.