BASTA har samarbeten med viktiga aktörer i branschen med målet att underlätta processen med att bedöma och registrera artiklar, samt sprida information om registrerade artiklar på effektivast sätt till de som gör produktval. 

API customers

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BASTA cooperates with eBVD and has an integration to eBVD's API which means that articles that have an eBVD are matched against articles in BASTA's database. If a match can be made, the information from the eBVD is shown directly on the article card in the BASTA system, and the information is available as a downloadable PDF. Today we have over 35 000 matches between our systems.



BASTA has a well-established collaboration with FINFO where we both send data via our API to them and retrieve data from FINFO to facilitate material selection in our log book service. FINFO owns Sweden's largest database for article information in building materials. The database contains over 1,700,000 articles from roughly 400 suppliers.

FINFO's service "FINFO Environment" continuously retrieves data on new assessments from the BASTA system and matches these updates against articles in FINFO Environment's database. The information is then distributed further to FINFO Miljö's subscribers.

In the logbook, users (if the article cannot be found in BASTA's database) can search FINFO's article database with quality-assured article information for over 1.7 million construction articles. Through this integration, the flow is simplified when you need to add articles that are not in BASTA's database, as you do not need to manually enter all the information.



Center for Circular Construction.

The goal of BASTA's work is to phase out hazardous substances from building and construction products in order to create safe buildings and construction projects. This is also the basis for being able to increase our circulation of material in society. Therefore, we are proud that we have an integration in the logbook that enables users to add articles directly from CCBuild's marketplace. This means that it will be easier to add reused building materials to the logbook and is a step towards more circular construction with increased reuse.

For organizations that are affiliated with both BASTA and CCBuild, there is also an opportunity to add reusable products from your internal marketplace on CCBuild.



BASTA has a well-established collaboration with Byggkatalogen from the Swedish Byggtjänst. The collaboration means that companies can link to their company page in the Byggkatalogen on their company and article cards.

The building catalog links from its pages back to BASTA's company card.



BASTA has a well-established collaboration with ByggfaktaDOCU where companies can link to their catalog at ByggfaktaDOCU via their company and article cards.

ByggfaktaDOCU links back to BASTA's company card in the same way.