Open API

One of the pillars of the BASTA system is to provide data on all environmentally valued articles in an open and transparent manner. BASTA provides this in several ways:

  • Search for registered articles on BASTA's website
  • Connect your own systems to BASTA's database via API
  • Get excerpts from BASTA's database monthly via Excel

Connect your own systems to BASTA's database via API

Instead of searching our database manually, there is the option to connect your own tools and databases to BASTA's database via so-called APIs, Application Programming Interface, and thus always have correct and updated information about the article's status in the BASTA system.

In the connected tool/database, you can then see, among other things, the article's grade or product group.

Get started

Free off charge

We provide authentication information free of charge, the only thing that needs to be done is that you sign an agreement regarding the use of the BASTA system's API and provide contact information and information about what the data will be used for.

Contact BASTAonline for more information.


Technical documentation

See methods and parameters that BASTA's API offers.

We who retrieve article information from BASTA

Several companies and organizations have already chosen to connect their services to the BASTA system. See more information below.

Service providers

We at BeWo use BASTA to improve our carbon accounting accuracy. By using BASTAS API, we can incorporate their extensive database directly into our carbon accounting processes. This allows us to automatically align our clients’ data with the corresponding conversion factors, ensuring a seamless and accurate match. This integration increases our data pool and boosts the precision of our emissions calculations. This results in an improved capability in providing reliable and thorough sustainability assessments for our clients.

We offer sustainable solutions for the property's entire life cycle. When we are responsible for several technical areas and run both service and installation, we create conditions for you as a customer to coordinate, optimise, save and make more efficient - not least in the area of energy. Our comprehensive approach ensures function, operation and proactive maintenance, and makes it possible to develop innovative solutions together with you as a customer.

The construction catalog makes available refined, classified and structured product information from Sweden's suppliers of construction products in one and the same place to make the work of choosing construction products easier and more efficient

By making it possible to display and link to environmental assessments in the BASTA system in the product information, we want to contribute to making it easier to make sustainable product choices.


Uses the BASTA API for the SaaS service, Chemsoft, for chemical management that contains safety data sheets for chemical products. In Chemsoft there is a connection to BASTA. When a user performs a search for article names (that is, names of chemicals), data from the BASTA system is also retrieved about articles that are BASTA or BETA with the same or similar names and a link to the search result at BASTA.

This function is used by our customers, for example the Swedish Transport Administration, which reviews chemicals used in various projects.

FINFO Miljö continually retrieves data on new assessments from the BASTA system and matches these updates against FINFO Miljö's database. The information is distributed to FINFO Miljö's subscribers according to the chosen distribution channel.

FINFO owns Sweden's largest database for article information in building materials. The database contains over 1,700,000 articles from roughly 400 suppliers.

With a broad commitment to PIM solutions in the construction industry, information from BASTA is a vital part of quality article data for Fiwe. As a PIM provider, we use BASTA’s APIs to keep up to date with its capabilities and thus be able to offer our PIM customers fast, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions that ensure the best possible data in their article system.

HBV uses the BASTA system's registered articles to compare invoiced products with the BASTA system's database, we can see, for example, how many assessed products have been called on our contracts.

HBV is the purchasing function for Sweden's public housing company. We carry out coordinated procurements for goods and services linked to construction, renovation and management of properties. With nearly 200 framework agreements, we help our members manage and develop the accommodation for their tenants on a daily basis.

Hilti - Driving construction forward - High quality products

Hilti offers tools, products, software and services that drive the construction industry forward. Meet our engineers & find solutions that make your constructions faster, easier & safer.

"By collecting and reporting all essential product data in one place, this simplifies our customers' everyday life."

Our product selection program ( which we have now gone LIVE with is only a start, as it is only one product. But it's a good start, because it shows all our users internally how this kind of data can be integrated into existing digital solutions.

We will focus on our product Woodlaunch in the coming months with a focus on sustainability indicators in the wood value chain for construction products. These are first and foremost LCA-related indicators, but the next step could be to look at how to manage and compare different product details related to wood products, in relation to your certifications.

Later, we will see if we can build a more general tool in our underlying platform Basebucket for sustainability in construction that weighs everything from overall LCA to ESG.

Regardless, there is environmental data and to some extent EPDs in BASTA that we can use. After all, we work with mapping large amounts of data (from construction models and supply chains) to environmental data through an interactive workspace where you draw flows. Everything to increase understanding and transparency.

We have initiated an innovation project through Smart Built Environment, Fenix, with the purpose of developing a decision making tool for sustainability in combination with BIM. 

Read more about Fenix here:

Prodikt's digital platform makes it possible to easily find and compare different building products with each other, and thus let the customer make the decision to choose the most durable and technically suitable. Information from the BASTA system database is one such amount of information. Then it is up to the architect, developer or buyer to make the decision and compile their choices into projects.

Upon customer request, Symbrio will show the grade an article has in the BASTA system via matching articles directly in Symbrio. This will facilitate users who need that information in their selection of products in Symbrio. The next requested area is Environmental Product Declaration - Digital EPD information with a focus on GWP footprints at different stages and summarized. Basta's ambition is to both increase its catalog of assessed articles, its criteria areas and to follow and interpret the regulation EU Taxonomy, means that we at Symbrio look forward to presenting as much as possible within the requested criteria areas.

SWECO uses the API in order to be able to connect BASTA's database with articles in various customer projects and on top of that offer various solutions to streamline the work of choosing good products.


Uses the BASTA system database to classify items according to the BASTA system's grades. This is because we have customers who require your classification for products we buy and deposit or exchange in their properties.

We use the BASTA system's database to quality-assure our catalog files for purchases and ensure that the products found there have the correct environmental assessment. For PEAB, it is a prerequisite that there is an EAN/GTIN entered in order to be able to use the information in BASTA's database in an automated way because it is the key to connecting articles between different systems.

Uses the database to find out more information about the products our projects purchase. Mainly which product group classification (BK04 and BSAB) an article has, but also other things linked to the product such as rating, description and documentation are of interest.

Bygg- & e-handel

Ahlsell uses the BASTA system's database to match products in Ahlsell's services. Ahlsell's unique customer offering gives professional users access to a comprehensive range of products and related services in water & sewage, heating & sanitation, ventilation, insulation, electricity, refrigeration, construction, real estate, industry, tools & machinery as well as supplies and personal protective equipment.

Beijer Bygg AB uses data from the BASTA system to mark which level within the BASTA system products achieve and presents this information to its customers to help them make sustainable material choices.

At the Big group, you can now see which products are registered within the BASTA system. In BIG companies' e-commerce, many products are now marked with a symbol that tells what assessment they received within the BASTA system. The BASTA system has, among other things, the assessment levels BASTA and BETA. The BASTA level meets the higher requirements, while the BETA meets the basic requirements in terms of chemical content. We have many assessed articles in the webshop and we are constantly adding more to the system.

Derome will use data from BASTA to show what grade products have achieved within the BASTA system. We want to make it easier for Derome's customers in the construction & industry sector to make sustainable material choices every day. With more than 50 facilities along the West Coast, Skåne, Blekinge and Småland, we have been meeting the needs of professional customers since 1946

Elektroskandia uses the BASTA system's database to mark which items are registered in the BASTA system and which levels they pass to show our customers on the web. Elektroskandia is one of Sweden's leading electrical technology wholesalers and today has more than a hundred years of experience to lean on.

Onninen maps the respective assessment for products that are then displayed - can be filtered for Onninen forms together with K-Rauta, K-Bygg and MIAB (Mark and Infra AB) the group Kesko Sweden, which is wholly owned by the Finnish trading group Kesko (K Group)

Optimera is one of Sweden's leading building trade chains for professionals. Optimera's ambition is to build long-term relationships with its customers and partners in order to thereby increase both its own and the customer's profitability. Optimera uses data from the BASTA system to mark which level in the BASTA system products achieve.

Rexel matches products so that the BASTA system levels are visible in their database/Portal.

"Rexel is the world's leading electricity wholesaler and our customers include smaller local electricity companies, large nationwide installers, automation specialists, property owners, construction companies and industrial companies. Our range includes lighting, cables, power distribution products, switches, industrial components, sensors, charging posts and solar panels. In total, you will find around 120,000 articles"

Saint Gobain Sweden uses BASTA's API to check information about its own products registered in the BASTA system and also to verify products it purchases.

Swedol has an online store and around 100 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia under the brands Swedol, Grolls, Univern and Nima. The customers are mainly in Construction and construction, Industry and workshops, Hauling and transport, Agriculture and forestry and Public service. Swedol uses the BASTA system's database to match which articles are registered in the BASTA system and which levels they pass in order to show this information to its customers

Sveriges Fria Bygghandlare uses the BASTA system database to label products in its online product catalog and on the shelf in our facilities with BASTA's environmental label. Sveriges Fria Bygghandlare consists of 80 facilities around Sweden and is one of Sweden's largest purchasing organizations. Sveriges Fria Bygghandlare is near you and offers quality products at very competitive prices.

Other ways to get extracts from BASTA database

For those organizations that do not have the opportunity to connect via API but still want to match articles in their own systems or databases against BASTA's database, we offer an update of registered articles via an Excel file that is sent out once a month. If you are interested in getting started with this, please contact us and we will help you.