Guidance for safe and sustainable product choices

The BASTA system is a scientifically based system, with the aim of phasing out particularly dangerous substances from building and construction products.

What is the BASTA system?

The system is aimed at anyone who wants to make informed product choices with the aim of phasing out substances with dangerous properties. This can be property owners, contractors, architects, building designers and private individuals.

The BASTA system contributes to achieving Sweden's national environmental goal "Toxic-free environment" as well as the UN's global goal "Sustainable consumption and production".

The BASTA system

Criteria document

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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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The BASTA system is made up of mandatory and optional criteria areas with criteria that has concentration limits and declaration requirements.


Grades & symbols

Depending on which criteria are fulfilled, a grade is achived. The grade simplifies the interpretation of a product's performance.


External stakeholders & certifiactions

There are a number of external stakeholders and certifications for buildings that set material requirements. Here you will find more information.


EU Taxonomy

Here you can read more about the EU's taxonomy linked to material requirements and the BASTA system

More information

For those who register articles

In-depth information on how to assess and register articles. Guidance and calculation examples for assessment are also available here.


BASTA for procurement

How do you set sustainability requirements with the BASTA system as a basis?


Reports linked to the BASTA system

Example "Building with BASTA"

Endocrine disrupting substances

Apply for exemption

Read about how the exemption process works for criterion H2.A

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