Content in building materials needs more focus

Published 27 Jun 2024

Alexandra Rosenqvist works as Sustainability Manager at Beijer Byggmaterial, Sweden's largest builders' merchant chain offering building materials and delivery for both private and corporate customers. This means that countless properties and houses in Sweden are built with materials from Beijer, which ensures that the content is not harmful to health - including through the BASTA system.  

Update in upcoming criteria document - PFAS

Published 20 Jun 2024

In criteria version V34.1, which was released on February 1 and will become effective on August 1, changes have been made to PFAS. Read about what applies below. 

A unique tool

Published 18 Jun 2024

BASTA has a board of directors with a wealth of experience and knowledge, whom we have interviewed. First up is Kavin Clevberger of Caverion.

The audit process in BASTA

Published 29 May 2024

The sun is out, the trees are blooming and summer is approaching - and so is the audit process. Every year, BASTA conducts an audit with up to 60-70 affiliated companies. Let's go through how it works. 

Launch of guidance for new taxonomy requirements

Published 11 Apr 2024

Together with Byggföretagen and Fastighetsägarens taxonomy network, we have investigated how the EU taxonomy should be applied in the construction industry. 

BASTA is at Nordbygg

Published 27 Feb 2024

BASTA is at Nordbygg and would love to meet you at our stand! We also participate in the program with a session on digital sustainability data.

International API

Published 15 Feb 2024

BeWo, a Danish company that enables organisations to track their environmental footprint, is one of the most recent users of BASTA’s API. And the third international API user!

New and updated criteria

Published 01 Feb 2024

We have new and updated criteria on reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruptors, PBT, PFAS, PMT and recycled raw material. Changes will enter into force on August 1, 2024.