BASTA day 2023

Published 25 Sep 2023

Welcome to a hackathon

Published 04 Sep 2023

Are you a developer or designer? Who wants to create a more efficient, digitalized and sustainable spatial planning process? Welcome to a hackathon!

DEROME retrieves data VIA API

Published 01 Sep 2023

Fees 2024

Published 31 Aug 2023

Register for BASTA day 7 of november 2017

Published 25 Jul 2023

The BASTA-day 2017-11-07 - IS HELD IN SWEDISH!

Digitization of sustainable product choices

Published 01 Jun 2023

In Swedish:

Vad kan det möjliggöra för återbruk?

När miljöbedömningar, artikeldata och byggbranschen digitaliseras öppnas nya möjligheter för att effektivisera flöden av information. Kravbilden på produkter blir allt mer komplex, bland annat genom krav från den egna organisationen, miljöcertifieringar för byggnader och EU-taxonomin.

Den 15 juni får du höra Pehr Hård, vd, BASTA Online AB och Carolina Larsson, avdelningschef certifiering samt chef Miljöbyggnad och Miljöbyggnad iDrift, SGBC samtala kring hur vi ska hantera detta under ett lunchwebbinarium.

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Launch 30 May 2023

Published 05 May 2023

We have big things going on within the BASTA system. We are now preparing for our biggest launch ever!

During the past six months, we have worked on reshapingour criteria and building a brand new website. We are convinced that it will both facilitate the work of assessing and registering articles, as well as increase the value of registering articles. This through easier communication with stakeholders and an increased exposure of registered articles.

Joint webinar with Chemwise

Published 14 Apr 2023

Welcome to a webinar where BASTA, together with Chemwise, goes through how you can work to ensure a safe working environment.

Working towards a safe workplace is something we are passionate about, therefore we would like to invite you to this free webinar, where we will go through the tools available at BASTA and give examples of how Chemwise works with BASTA's criteria.