Article information upon registration

The BASTA system uses established systems to identify and classify the articles being registered. This information is used to make it easy to find the right article via search and filtering functions.

In addition to article information about the article itself...

... the article must also be assessed against all criteria within the criteria area of health and environmental hazards, and information on criteria fulfillment must be provided upon registration. Read more about this on our criteria page.


Mandatory information

The following article information must be provided to register an article in the BASTA system.

Name on the article.

Name of the article. If the article exists in different sizes or dimensions, they are distinguished by entering different Article numbers and Article descriptions

Article-specific information such as weight, colour, or dimension.

This field is also used to distinguish between article with the same article name

Article number of the article. If the same article is available in different designs (size, colour, etc.) with different article numbers, each article must be registered separately.

Avoid collection numbers if possible as these make traceability and the ability for users to find your articles

Used to classify and facilitate article searches. For BK04, select the appropriate product category structure for the article or product.

BK04 is divided into three levels (Main Group, Subgroup and Product Category) and it is the product category level that must be registered. This is specified with 5 numbers in the system.

If you do not find an exact match of product category for your article or product, the one that is closest to the area of use of the article is selected

Used to classify and facilitate article searches. For BSAB you can choose for yourself how far down the structure you want to register your article. For BSAB, there is also a guide published on BASTA's website under "Documents".

When registering, it is recommended that you enter the description in the search field instead of the code. This as BSAB consists of a large number of lines and codes, which means that the hit list otherwise risks being very broad.

The function is updated, and the respective product category is selected by filling in the code or part of the product category description. All available options will be displayed, and the correct product category can be selected

Is the product a chemical product, according to REACH EG 1907/2006. Or an article, as defined in REACH, Chapter 2, Article 3

Optional information

The following article information is optional provide when registering in the BASTA system, but is recommended to increase the searchability of the articles.

Here you can advantageously add a short descriptive text of your article as a complement to the article description

If you have something special to tell about the article to highlight a certain function.

If the article is marketed under a brand, it is possible to indicate this

Is a good way to facilitate search and filtering.

Identification number from GS1 (GTIN was previously called EAN)

To improve traceability in the system, we recommend that the GTIN be entered if the information is available.

If your supplier has already registered an article with this GTIN in the BASTA system, the GTIN should not be filled in by you as a retailer/distributor.

Identification number, only applies to electronics and heat, ventilation and sanitary products (VVS)

Identification number, only applies to electronics and heat, ventilation and sanitary products (VVS)

Identification numbers within eBVD, enable BASTA and eBVD to be linked together

If your company is connected to eBVD and has allowed BASTA to retrieve information from eBVD via API, this field will be filled automatically if we receive a match via GTIN.

If a match is found, information from the eBVD will appear on the article card.

Link to your own safety data sheets, building product declarations or other relevant documents


Make the articles serachable

It's worth putting a little extra effort into item information at registration.

  • Add GTIN to the article information, this identifier is used by more and more people to find the right article
  • Fill in as much information as possible to make the articles searchable in the system.
  • Articles can be registered individually, or by importing a larger number via BASTA's import file.


Companies that have an agreement with FINFO can get help filling in article information for the BASTA registration by getting extracts that match the import file.

You then only need to add information about criteria fulfillment. FINFO's information ensures correct article information and facilitates the process. Contact for more information.