Properties criteria

BASTA Properties criteria (2019:1)
BETA Properties criteria (2019:1)

BASTA Methods of Calculation 2017-01-01

Stainless steel in BASTA and BVB
A selection of Stainless steel complying with BASTA and BVB (Byggvarubedömningen)

Hazard statements under CLP and their connection with the BASTA properties criteria

Endocrine disrupting 2014-01-01

Extract from the EDS database


Documents for you who want to register your products

Cooperation agreement 2019
Cooperation agreement appendix 2019
Cooperation agreement for those who want to join the BASTA system and appendix 1 to cooperation agreement.

Sub supplier declaration

Amendment to SDS

Excel Import File 1.3

Instructions for information on environmental and health safety – BETA


Definition of key terms in the BASTA system 
Contains a list of all terms used in the BASTA system.

Guidelines for the registration of products in the BASTA system
Comprehensive information about BASTA for you as a supplier.

Example routine template
The document is intended to support the development of good routines regarding BASTA registrations.

Audit Report Template
Example of an audit report.

Assessment document
The document is an example of how to compile the assessment basis for the product qualification. The file contains two examples showing how the assessment is performed.

Documents for you who want to build with BASTA

Building with BASTA
Gives you as a developer or a contrator information about how to use BASTA in order to ensure the use of safe materials in construction Projects.

Guidance document for deviation management

Product selection of fittings, interconnections, valves, bends and T-pieces produced for drinking water applications produced with lead-containing copper alloys, such as brass.
IVL Rapport B2259 and Guidance document for deviation management. Only available in Swedish with English Summary.

Guidance document regarding floor- and wall materials containing DIDP and DINP
IVL Rapport B2260 (Only available in Swedish with English Summary) and Guidance document for deviation management (short version) 


Older versions of the property criteria and other BASTA related documents


BASTA Properties criteria (2018.2)
BETA Properties criteria (2018.2)

Basta Properties criteria (2017:2) 2017-06-08
Beta properties criteria (2017:2) 2017-06-08

BASTA properties criteria (CLP) (2017:A1)
BETA properties criteria (CLP) (2017:A1)

BASTA properties criteria  (CLP) (2016:2)
BETA properties criteria (CLP) (2016:2)

Basta properties criteria (CLP) (2015:2)
Beta properties criteria (CLP) (2015:2)

Basta Properties Criteria, Option 1 KIFS 2014
BETA Properties Criteria, option 1 KIFS 2014

Calculation methods

Methods for calculation until 2016-12-31 CLP

Methods for calculation, option 1 KIFS 2014

Terms of agreement

Cooperation agreement 2016 (Valid for agreements signed until January 2017)

Terms of agreement (Valid for agreements signed until January 2017)

Sub-supplier declaration until January 2017 
Amendment to Safety Data Sheet until January 2017