Congratulations Paramountric!

BASTA system part of hackathon win

Published 10 Oct 2023

Team Paramountric won the BIM Alliance hackathon 2023 with their solution for the BASTA system. We interviewed founder Andreas Rudenå.

Photo from BIM Alliance, by Jeanette Andersson.

Can you describe your winning solution?

In our hackathon solution, we chose to test how our node-based interface could connect IFC files to the BASTAonline database. The goal was for the user to be able to easily connect products to the model, and at the same time see the flow on the workspace.

The user should also be able to save IFC files where product data is included in the files. As a bonus, we tested connecting AI to search data from a prompt. We are very pleased that we managed to put together a simple version of this workflow in such a short time, and even more pleased to get the nice confirmation from the jury. This means that we are onto something interesting!

Who is Paramountric?

Paramountric is a startup in Malmö that develops a platform for sustainability, where work with data flows, advanced visualization and AI is simplified for people and for the collaborations needed for our sustainable and digital future. What distinguishes Paramountric from other applications is that technology from digital twins allows the user to explore details, such as 3D and real-time data, while being able to zoom out and see connections in flows and processes. The user can then build presentations or forms, and invite others to participate in the environmental work.

This is a platform we need to break down the complexity of environmental work in collaboration between people, and between people and machines. This will be particularly important in the future when AI and automation will take over more and more in digital flows.

What could your solution lead to?

This solution could lead to getting information in the BIM model about environmental toxins at an early stage so that you don't make worse choices at a later stage than you need to. In addition, this type of user interface allows you to easily jump between different versions or options of the building in a time perspective.

In order to make good decisions about sustainable solutions, it is important that stakeholders can see the consequences of different choices and that they can communicate this clearly to decision-makers throughout the process. You should be rewarded for sustainable choices - therefore it is important that you can understand and communicate these clearly. We have proposed an interface where you can look at the big picture while easily finding the details.

See video from the hackathon