Updated list – substances that are covered by BASTA’s criterion for endocrine disruptors!


We have now published an updated list of the substances covered by our criterion for endocrine disruptors (ED). The list also contains substances that are covered by BASTA’s information requirements – substances on the EDS database, potential vPvB and substances on the candidate list.

Four new substances have been included on the list after their addition to the Candidates list 2020-06-25:
Butyl paraben case no. 94-26-8 – an ED investigation is also underway for this substance
h1-vinylimidazole case number 1072-63-5
2-methylimidazole (case number 693-98-1)
Dibutylbis (pentane-2,4-dionato-O, O ‘) tin (case no. 22673-19-4)

Please do not hesitate in contacting us here at BASTA if you have any questions or queries about the list or our new criteria. You can read more about our requirements here: