Updated list – substances covered by Basta’s criterion for endocrine disruptors – 2020-11-02


The list of substances covered by our criterion for endocrine disruptors (ED) has been updated. The list also includes substances covered by Basta’s information requirements – substances in the EDS database, potential vPvBs and substances on the candidate list. A first substance has now undergone evaluation according to step C in our criterion for endocrine disruptors and is covered by the exception in criterion 5. For more information and requirements for registered products, see the links below.

DPHP, Bis (2-propylheptyl) phthalate, CAS No .: 53306-54-0 are covered by the exemption in criterion 5.
Clarifying substance CAS No 1675-54-3: The substance is marked with an “x” as it is indicated on CoRAP and the EDS database with regard to endocrine disrupting properties. The substance is part of the ongoing CoRAP evaluation of CAS No 25068-38-6. Both specified substances are covered by criterion 5 in Basta and Beta, so CAS number 25068-38-6 was added in connection with 1675-54-3.
A total of 6 subjects with completed CoRAP evaluation have been adjusted:
• 2 substances, with CAS Nos. 84-66-2 and 99-96-7, no longer have an “x” for CoRAP ED.
• 4 substances, with CAS Nos. 119-47-1, 1119-40-0, 1762-95-4 and 1843-05-6, have been removed from the list.
Note: The above 6 substances were evaluated within CoRAP because they were considered to be potentially endocrine disruptors. The evaluations have been completed, but these substances are not marked “ED” (endocrine disrupting) or “NOT ED” (not endocrine disrupting) on the ECHA Substance Infocard, see the “SUBSTANCE EVALUATION CONCLUSION DOCUMENT” and “SUBSTANCE EVALUATION REPORT” coRAP documents every subject.

For supplementary subject searches: “Endocrine Disruptor Lists”, https://edlists.org/.
Gray background colour now marks the 4 substances, which are evaluated as “NOT ED” (not endocrine disrupting).
Welcome to contact us at Basta if you have questions about the list or our new criteria. You can read more about our requirements here:

Chemical substances that may require deviation management

Endocrine Disrupting substances

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