Progress for environmental work when digital building product declarations are linked to the industry’s leading databases


On the morning of August 18, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and the Building Materials Industry presented information in an exciting press release regarding the new eBVD web-apies that they have developed in collaboration with BASTA, Finfo, VVS-Info and GBR (the Swedish Flooring Trade Association, GBR).

The industry-wide format for electronic building declarations, eBVD, enables the building materials industry to declare the environmental performance of construction products in a digital format. The next step in the development is now happening when the eBVD environmental data is linked to some of the construction industry’s leading databases for building material information: Finfo, VVS-Info, GBR och BASTA

– We hope that this will lead to that more databases and systems will join and support this development so that all actors in the construction chain can access the information via an open platform. This would in the long term mean lower construction costs and increased quality in environmental work, says Anders Ejlertsson at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, who together with the Building Materials Industry developed the eBVD system.

Environmental information on building materials are important at many stages of an sustainable community building such as; buildings, environment, people and climate targets. At the same time, the environmental requirements have led to extensive administration especially since a large amount of data needs to be constantly updated and distributed. Often, one needs to link a large number of products to a specific building. With an eBVD, which is an industry-agreed format for digital building product declarations, it streamlines and simplifies the work and all information becomes openly available to users in one place. It also means that the information is constantly updated, something that the industry has demanded for a long time.

In order to provide digital environmental information to all users, IVL and the Building Materials Industry have now, in collaboration with four industry players – Finfo, VVS-Info, GBR and BASTA – developed web-apies that connect the same eBVD information with the players’ digital platforms.

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