Privacy Policy

This privacy policy intends to inform all users of the processing of personal data that is carried out on this website (, from now on referred to as the ”Website”), as well as to inform of the principles that governs e.g.. newsletters sent by BASTAonline AB (“BASTA” or “we”). Our contact information is found below, in section 2.5, as well as on the bottom of every page on the Website.



1.1. BASTA collects and processes personal information when you register a user account and during the use of the BASTA system, Basta Qualify included, and/ if you register to sign up for our newsletters, courses, seminars or other events. If you have accepted the use of cookies, these will also be collected. Cookies can  to some extent hold personal data.



2.1. BASTA collects and processes the information submitted to us in our forms, when you sign up for our newsletters or when you sign up to any of the courses, seminars or other events that are arranged by BASTA. The personal data that BASTA collects are name, e-mail address, telephone number and, if applicable, the title, employer, and invoice address. This processing of personal data is based on you giving your consent to the processing, in connection with submitting the personal data.



3.1. When registering your company in the BASTA-system or Basta Qualify the user is asked to create a user account, which means that we collect and process personal information in form of name, company name, e-mail address, title and user name. The e-mail address registered for the user account will also be used when BASTA sends information relevant to the use of the BASTA-system or Basta Qualify. The information contained in these mailings is not the same as the content of the newsletters referred to above. They contain instead vital information related to the use of the BASTA-system or Basta Qualify.

3.2. The registration of a user account is a necessary part of using the BASTA system and Basta Qualify  and constitutes contractual terms of use. This is to enable us to identify which users have registered in our system, so that we in this way can send invoices to or contact the companies responsible for the use of respective account.

3.3. If you choose to use the BASTA Logbook, we will also collect personal information in the form ofname, company name, e-mail address. The e-mail address registered for the user account will also be used when BASTA sends information relevant to the use of the Logbook. The information contained in these mailings is not the same as the content of the newsletters referred to above. They contain instead information related to the use of the Logbook tool.

3.4. Registration of a user account is a necessary part of using the Logbook tool and it is a prerequisite for the tool to function as intended. We also need to be able to identify which users that have registered in our system and to send out invoices when it becomes applicable in connection with plus account or corporate accounts.

3.5. The information that we send to users of the BASTA-system, Basta qualify or the Logbook tool is a part of the service that we offer. Through these information mailings, we can help our users get the most out of our system and we can also inform them of updates and new features. These mailings do not constitute marketing. They are only an aid for the use of the BASTA-system, Basta Qualify and the Logbook tool. However, users who do not wish to receive more mailings can unsubscribe from future mailings by following the instructions provided at the end of each email.

3.6. We urge our users to not submit any sensitive data in our system and reserve the right to delete any submitted personal information that violate this policy and/or our terms and conditions.



4.1. We use the tool Google Analytics in order to measure traffic on the Website and evaluate the functions of the Website. This means that personal data about you, i.e. your IP-address is collected, as well as indirect personal data about, you regarding information on how long your visit on the Website has been and what pages you have visited, will be transferred to Google Inc. (”Google”). Before initiating this kind of processing, we have conducted a weighing of interests and concluded that this processing is necessary for us to evaluate our business in order to offer the best possible experience when visiting the Website. More information about how Google processes the transferred personal data is found on, and there you can also find information on how to disable or moderate what data is transferred to Google.

4.2. We sometimes publish photographs on the Website, from events we arrange or participate in. These photographs may be of such nature that they constitute personal data. Before publishing photographs, we always examine them and evaluate if publishing of the photograph may be integrity sensitive. If we find that this is not the case, we publish the photograph, for the purpose of informing about the event or otherwise circumstances under which the photograph was taken.

4.3.  The Website uses cookies, in accordance with our cookie policy.



5.1. BASTA is part of a group, in which IVL is the parent company. The group also consists of eBVD i Norden AB (”eBVD”) and EPD International AB “EPD”). BASTA,  IVL, and eBVD are joint personal data controllers for the processing of personal data with regards to section 2 above – that is, the processing of personal data for the mailing of newsletters and notifications for courses, seminars and other events. This means that your personal data will be shared and jointly stored within the group. You will, however, only receive the newsletters and other mailings that you have signed up for. What is mentioned in this policy regarding BASTA also covers IVL, eBVD and EPD, and you can enforce your rights against any of the companies.

5.2. For all other processing of personal data under this privacy policy, BASTA is solely the data controller for the personal data.

5.3. BASTA is cautions of your integrity and right to privacy, and it is therefore of key importance for BASTA that all processing of your personal information is made in a safe and proper manner, in accordance with the applicable laws and in a manner that ensures a safe and appropriate processing. For this reason, your personal data will only be processed for the purposes specified when the personal data was collected, unless you have been informed otherwise and have been given the opportunity to consent, if applicable.

5.4. If you want to know what personal information BASTA processes about you, you have the right to request access to this personal information. You also have the right to request rectification or erasure of incorrect personal data. If you are of the opinion that BASTA’s processing of your personal information is incorrect, you may request restriction of our processing of the personal data or object to the processing. You may also have the right to so called ‘data portability’. If you want to use any of your granted rights, please contact us on the information given below in section 2.5.

5.5. Other than what is mentioned above, BASTA will not transfer your personal data to any third party or transfer them to a country other than Sweden, unless you are given information about this and are given the opportunity to consent, if applicable. For newsletters and other mailings, we always use technology that ensures that addresses of the recipients are not shown.

5.6. If you have any comments about our processing of your personal data, if you want to use any of your in section 2.3 granted rights or if you for any other reason wish to contact us, we are reached using the following information

BASTAonline AB
Org. nr 556719-5697
Box 210 60
100 31 Stockholm
+46 (0)107886500

5.7. You also have the right to contact the responsible supervisory authority for processing personal data, the Swedish Data Protection Authority, for the purpose of registering a complaint. Contact information is found on their website,



6.1. The term under which we process your personal data depends on the processing – meaning that processing is carried out until the purpose for the processing has been reached. This assessment is made through the following principles.

6.2. Processing of personal data for mailings and newsletters will be made for as long as you wish to receive them. The easiest way for us to become aware that you no longer wish to receive our mailings is if you opt-out from further mailings in accordance with the information provided in each mailing. However, we regularly follow up our mailings in office, and if we discover that you have not been opening our mailings, or if you have in other ways been passive with regards to the mailings during a continuous period of one year, we reserve the right to erase your personal data from our systems. You are however always more than welcome to sign up again.

6.3.  The personal data we collect for seminars, courses and other events are needed in order for us to be able to administrate the event in question and under some circumstances in order to send information or handouts before or after the event. We therefore keep your personal data until sixty  days after the event have taken place.

6.4.  The personal data associated with the affiliated companies and their contacts are saved as long as the company is active. When a registered contact leaves the affiliated company, it is possible to delete the personal data on the company-specific pages at The personal data used in the Logbook tool is saved until the responsible user chooses to delete the uploaded project. Invited project members connected to the logbook project can choose to unsubscribe themselves, which is done by contacting BASTAonline AB.

6.5. Personal data collected at the Website, through cookies or Google Analytics, are only processed by us for the period when you are active on the Website. No such data are stored once the session has ended.



7.1. BASTA may update and amend this Privacy Policy. If so, you will receive a message from BASTA, and will then be able to accept the new terms.