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2022-12-12 Updated logtypes in BASTA
2022-10-13 Successful and completed BASTA day 2022!
2022-09-01 BASTA's Newsletter for August 2022 is now published!
2022-09-01 Notification of new annual fees for 2023
2022-07-18 Do not miss the BASTA-day 2022!
2022-07-06 BASTAs Newsletter
2022-03-23 Upgrading of Basta's digital services
2022-01-18 Pehr Hård - New BASTA CEO
2021-12-16 Notification - New criteria documents 2022:A1
2021-12-16 Audits – the way to better environmental information
2021-12-09 New group for products that contain Electronics
2021-11-11 A new function on BASTAs search page
2021-09-13 BASTA introduce a new group – DECLARED!
2021-06-15 New version of the excel import
2021-05-05 New group in Basta - DECLARED
2021-05-05 New updates in the BASTA system
2020-12-17 Notification of BASTA criteria changes that enters into force 2021-07-01
2020-12-17 Notification - New criteria documents
2020-11-25 Better information on hazardous substances is required if recycling is to increase
2020-11-19 A new method provides safer assessments of endocrine disruptors in construction products!
2020-11-06 Updated list - substances covered by Basta's criterion for endocrine disruptors - 2020-11-02
2020-09-01 Updated list - substances that are covered by BASTA's criterion for endocrine disruptors!
2020-06-17 Now updated criteria 2020:A2
2020-05-18 Progress for environmental work when digital building product declarations are linked to the industry's leading databases
2020-05-15 The Sub-Supplier declaration replaces the Amendment to Safety Data Sheets!
2020-05-06 News in the BASTA system
2020-03-24 BASTA launches a new online training course!
2020-03-18 New registration platform for our affiliated suppliers
2020-02-05 Now updated criteria 2020: A1
2020-01-07 BASTA Newsletter December 2019!
2019-11-25 ECHA: Lack of chemical information hinders a circular economy
2019-11-18 Postponement of the amendment to criterion 17, environmentally hazardous H412
2019-11-15 BASTA is launching a new logbook for the building- and construction sector!
2019-09-25 BASTA takes an overall approach to endocrine disrupting substances in construction products
2019-08-27 The BASTA-day the 7 of november is coming up!
2019-05-28 Notification (2018-12-17) - Update 2019-05-28
2019-05-28 New requirement level - "BETA to BASTA
2019-03-12 More than 100,000 GTIN enables digital communication!
2018-12-20 BASTA:s Newsletter 2018 Winter edition is now published!
2018-09-24 Have you missed being able to down load your registered articles in an Excel file?
2018-07-02 Notification regarding changes in the BASTA and BETA Properties criteria
2018-05-25 Read about the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's logbook proposal as well as the Committee for Modern Building Rules 2 proposals!
2018-05-24 Frequently asked questions - new login process
2018-05-23 Great interest in the building and construction sector’s environmental calculation tool!
2018-05-22 The BASTA system will 2018-05-23 undergo changes in preparation of the introduction of GDPR
2018-05-22 BASTA is launching a new and improved search function
2018-04-23 New dates for BASTA:s popular course!
2018-01-24 Copper in construction products - new report
2018-01-08 BASTA:s newsletter - December 2017 have been published!
2018-01-08 Notification - valid from 2018-01-01
2017-11-29 An increase in environmentally certified/eco-labeled contruction!
2017-11-09 The government has made a decision to set up a substitution center
2017-10-06 No to the EU Commission's proposals on endocrine disrupting substances
2017-09-26 "The requirements rally for sustainable construction risks missing the goal"
2017-07-05 The Eu countries have voted yes to criteria on endocrine disrupting substances
2017-06-22 EU states that Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor
2017-06-08 Notification of a clarification in the BASTA and BETA properties criteria
2017-04-04 "A substitution center is a positive initiative - the chemicals question need to be raised"
2017-03-10 As safe as Swedish houses?
2017-03-02 A new Committee has been appointed to review the provision of construction laws and building regulations
2017-03-01 BASTA - VIP price on VGB-2017!
2017-03-01 Introduction to eBVD events
2017-02-23 Historic vote on endocrine disrupting substances
2017-02-02 Visit BASTA at the fair "Bygg & VVS-mässan Syd" on the 26 & 27 of April in Malmö
2017-01-03 New Substances on the Candidate list during January 2017
2016-12-14 BASTA- and BETA-properties criteria 2017:1 and notifications are now published!
2016-07-01 Notification of change in the BASTA-criteria (published 2016-06-10)
2016-07-01 New BASTA newsletter!
2016-07-01 Improved information when selecting products that do not meet the BASTA- or BETA-requirements
2016-06-28 Do not miss the BASTA-day 2016-11-16 - we have just published our jam-packed program!
2016-06-16 The European Commission has presented criteria for endocrine disrupters
2016-06-14 Improved information when selecting products that do not meet the BASTA or BETA requirements
2016-06-10 Notification of change in the BASTA-criteria (published 2016-06-10)
2016-06-07 A new Supplier interface
2016-05-13 Likely with a new Swedish Chemicals Ban!
2016-03-16 Article registration
2016-02-12 Great participation at the workshop on new business opportunities in non-toxic construction in the railway sector!
2016-02-12 Referral - Guidance Document Drinking water fittings
2016-02-05 A new database will collect building product declarations (eBVD’s)
2016-01-26 France is about to introduce law on chemical substitution
2015-12-28 Notification
2015-10-15 The BASTA-system is introducing a new differentiated pricing system for 2016!
2015-08-14 Welcome to our new website!
2015-07-01 Summary of criteria changes 2015-06-01 (published 2015-07-01)
2015-06-26 Sometimes things go wrong ...
2015-06-18 BASTA and Byggvarubedömningen synchronise the development of chemical criteria
2015-06-17 New in the BASTA system - BSAB!
2015-06-02 Echa: Companies are ill-prepared for Reach 2018
2015-05-25 Swedish retail chains are breaching the chemicals legislation
2015-05-20 Important BASTA Information - The new property criteria documents are now available on BASTA:s website
2015-05-13 No poison in school
2015-05-13 Invite to seminar!
2015-04-22 BASTA NEWSLETTER - APRIL 2015
2015-01-21 Use of BASTA's logotype
2015-01-16 BASTA's Newsletter!
2014-11-28 Notification of change in the BASTA system
2014-11-21 Notification - Properties Criteria Clarification
2014-10-13 New routine template for the BASTA's suppliers!
2014-09-23 Sussi Wetterlin is BASTA:s new CEO