Pehr Hård – New BASTA CEO


Pehr Hård has a background in certification issues, digitalisation and sustainability.

Pehr Hård is the new CEO of  the Basta-system. He succeeds Sussi Wetterlin, who after seven years as CEO is moving on to run her own business. Basta operates one of the public construction industry’s largest digital databases with building- and construction products that meet high requirements for chemical content. The system also provides a cost-effective logbook where all information can be gathered concerning the environmental performance of construction products

Pehr Hård worked most recently at the Sweden Green Building Council, where he has been head of the certification process and IT development. He has also previously worked as product group manager and certification manager at Svanen.

– We are very happy to welcome Pehr Hård as the new CEO of Basta. Pehr has a solid background both in certification issues for the industry and in digitisation and sustainability issues. This provides Basta with a continued good foundation for developing the work of creating efficient, scientific, and credible ways of verifying the environmental performance of building- and construction products, says Anna Jarnehammar, Deputy CEO of IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Chairman of the Board of Basta.

Pehr Hård is a chemist with a special interest in sustainability work with a focus on the environment but also on business development. He has worked for over ten years with market-leading certifications in the area.

– I have had the privilege of working with organisations in various industries, including railway infrastructure, chemical engineering products and buildings, which has broadened my understanding of business challenges in relation to sustainability in general and requirements in particular. Now I look forward to being part of Basta and to be involved in the organisations while it takes its next step, says Pehr Hård.

The Basta system is jointly owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Byggföretagen in Sweden and was started so that the work of phasing out particularly hazardous substances would be more harmonised in the industry. Today, more than 500 Swedish and international manufacturers are connected to the system and the database contains over 170,000 articles for building- and construction products that meet Basta’s high environmental requirements.

– Chemical issues and Basta as a system will be important in the future for our members to ensure that the construction process can become more circular without creating or maintaining the problem with particularly dangerous substances. Pehr with his background will be able to shoulder the development of Basta in a good way, says Marianne Hedberg, representative of Byggföretagen on Basta’s board.

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