Notification of change in the BASTA-criteria (published 2016-06-10)


To all our participating suppliers

As of the 1 of January 2017 the following change will be done in the BASTA-criteria:

During the criteria update 2015-06-01 criteria 17c (H413) were removed from the properties criteria. The reason for this change was the inconsistence that products which were classified as Hazardous to the aquatic environment in the categories Chronic 1, 2 and 4 could not be registered, but products classified as category Chronic 3 could.

Category Chronic 4 (H413) and categories Chronic 1 (H410): Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects, were in connection with the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s latest update of the PRIO-criteria under CLP, included as risk reduction properties. However, the PRIO-criteria does not include category Chronic 2 (H411): toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects, nor category Chronic 3 (H412): long-term adverse effects to aquatic organisms.

In the PRIO-criteria you will find two levels of prioritization; phasing out substances and priority risk reduction substances. Since BASTA should cover both phasing-out and risk reduction properties H413 will be reinstated into the BASTA properties criteria.

However, in practice, more than 90% of the hazardous substances in PRIO are classified as H410 (R50/53 of the DPD) and a fairly small part only H413 (R53 as a single phrase in DPD).

Changes in the BASTA / BETA-criteria 2016: A2 (will be published no later than 2016-06-30)

BASTA / BETA-criteria:
The passage regarding metabolites / degradation products is removed from the criteria. However, this textual change is of no significance for the content.

A clarification of criterion 12 – subdivision 12a) and 12b)
The changes in version 2016: A2 will not require additional updating of the Sub-supplier Declaration or any supplementing of the Safety Data sheet.

The updated documents are published on the BASTA website, see documents…

Best wishes,
Sussi Wetterlin and Anna Widheden
BASTAonline AB