Notification of a clarification in the BASTA and BETA properties criteria


Notification (published 2017-06-08)

To all our participating suppliers

As of the 1 of July 2017 the following clarification will be incorporated in the BASTA-criteria:

Clarification – Footnote 8 in the BASTA properties criteria and Footnote 9 in the BETA properties criteria (clarification in bold)

In accordance with the Swedish directive (1998:944) there is a general Swedish ban on mercury with specified exclusions. Low concentrations of mercury that are not intentionally added in any stage thus fall outside the prohibition, but such traces/contamination of mercury should not exceed 2.5 mg/kg. Deviations exceeding 2.5 mg/kg are permitted in cases where they stem from natural occurrence in coal, ore or ore concentrate.

Best wishes,
Sussi Wetterlin
BASTAonline AB