Notification – New criteria documents


Information to our suppliers:

The following clarification enters into force 2020-01-01

The BASTA and BETA Properties Criteria for 2021:A1 has been published on the BASTA webbpage. The BASTA Property Criteria 2021-01-01 includes some clarifications but no changes. Therefore there are no need to update any documents, such as the Sub-supplier declaration et al.

Basta Properties criteria (2021:A1)
Beta Properties criteria (2021:A1)

The following clarification has been made:
Criterion 17c: This is a collection criterion made for products that do not meet the criteria for chronic 1 (H410), chronic 2 (H411) or chronic 3 (H412). A summation includes substances classified chronic 1 (H410), chronic 2 (H411), chronic 3 (H412), chronic 4 (H413). To meet the requirement the sum of the containing substances must be below 25%. (Pertains to the BASTA Properties criteria)

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