No to the EU Commission’s proposals on endocrine disrupting substances


The Swedish magazine, ”Aktuell Hållbarhet” reports on the latest developments regarding the new criteria for endocrine disruptors: “Yesterday, the European Parliament blocked the Commission’s proposal on criteria for identifying endocrine disrupting substances. The Parliament believes that the Commission has exceeded its mandate by proposing exceptions for individual substances in the legislation. The consequence is that the Commission needs to make a new proposal.

The proposal presented/submitted by the Commission just over a year ago was approved by a majority of EU member states in July this year, while Sweden and Denmark voted against the proposal. Sweden has also sued the Commission for inaction on the issue, and got in 2015 a positive verdict from the European Court of Justice. Following a lengthy and elaborate process of developing criteria for limiting the use of endocrine disrupting substances in the EU, they were just awaiting approval from the Parliament and the Council of Ministers. But after yesterdays no this means that the question once again rests on the Commission’s table.”

Click on this link to find the whole article published in “Aktuell Hållbarhet” (you will need a login to access it).   Please note that this article is only available in Swedish.

Both of the criteria requirements levels in the BASTA system, BASTA and BETA regulate endocrine disrupting substances by using the EDS database as the foundation. We are looking forward to a decision on uniform criteria, but with recent developments, we seem to be far away from any solution. To be continued…