News in the BASTA system


We have recently improved our information about our new criteria for endocrine disrupting substances and our other information requirements. In connection with this, a few additions have been made to the database.

BASTA have developed two support documents with regards to endocrine disrupting substances to support all the BASTA affiliated companies in the system. One is our “guideline” for how the criteria should be interpreted and the other is an Excel list where we have compiled the substances covered by the criteria. The list is a tool for the users so they can more easily match their products. The Excel list is available for affiliated companies and partners to BASTA on request to

Furthermore, The Basta properties criteria has three information requirements – substances on the candidate list, potential vPvB and substances in the EDS database. For products containing these substances there is a clear information requirement and the substance, case number and content must be stated in the system. These substances are then displayed in the public search and in our logbook tools.
The information requirement has been created to provide a simple overview of products that are in our system but where there may be restrictions in the event of a certification according to, for example, Miljöbyggnad and we will therefore mark the products that this applies to in the following way.

The information on what the substance is and what is meant by this is made clear by the article information. More information about this can be found under “This is how basta works”.