New requirement level – “BETA to BASTA


The BASTA system has introduced a new level of requirements for chemical products that change their chemical content during use.

The group is called “BETA to BASTA” and will provide better information about the product when it is built into the construction. “BETA to BASTA” means that the product at the time of delivery meets the BETA level, but when it is used it goes through a curing/drying process and will then pass the more demanding BASTA level.

Since the product is present in its delivery form for a relatively short period (days or weeks) compared to the time it is built into the property (years), it is reasonable for the user to get better information about how the product looks for most of its life cycle. This makes it easier to choose products for the finished building or handle deviations from set requirements. It also becomes clearer how the product is to be handled during reconstruction, demolition or if it has to be replaced.

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