New in the BASTA system – BSAB!


Give your customers the possibility of seaching for your products with BSAB.

BASTA updated yesterday, on the 16th of June, the BASTA and BETA systems registration and search views with BSAB.

Please take this opportunity to register your products with BSAB and provide users with an enhanced ability to search for your products.

Since BASTA launched BSAB you can choose to either declare BSAB or BK04 when you register your products in the BASTA system. But it is mandatory to declare either BK04 or BSAB for your product registration. BSAB has many different levels and will significantly improve the searchability of the products in the BASTA system.

For BK04 you will continue as previously to register at all three levels, but for BSAB the suppliers will have to choose for themselves how far down the structure that they will want to register their products.

See example below….

Yours sincerely

The BASTA Office

BSAB exempel JPG