New group in Basta – DECLARED


Bastas users have indicated/signaled that they miss and have a need of information regarding products which do not meet all the requirements at the BASTA or BETA level and therefore cannot be registered in the system. Due to the increased demand for environmental information regarding these products Basta have decided to introduce another group into the system – “DECLARED”.

To be able to register a product under “DECLARED” the following applies:

  • Complete knowledge of the product’s chemical content in the same way as for other products in the system. In products where the chemical content can vary, for example for circular materials, a verified average value is accepted.
  • When registering, the product’s phasing out and risk reduction properties must be marked so that they are visible to those who search for products in the system.
  • A safety data sheet (SDS) or a building product declaration (BVD) must be attached to the registration.
  • The products will undergo the same audit procedure as other products.

The group “DECLARED” has its own criteria document which will be available on the website from the middle om of June.

With the introduction of the group “DECLARED”, a group “DECLARED to BASTA” will also be introduced (cf. “BETA to BASTA”). This is for chemical products where the chemical properties change during installation (curing / drying) and the installed product thus meets the BASTA level.
This is how the new symbols will look:

For more information please contact us at Basta: