Notification – New criteria documents 2022:A1


Notification 2021-01-01

To all our participating suppliers

The new BASTA, BETA, DECLARED properties criteria enter into force 2022-01-01

The BASTA, BETA and DECLARED properties criteria documents for 2022: A1 are now published on the website. The properties criteria 2022-01-01 include several clarifications but no changes and therefore no update of for example sub-supplier declaration or other documentation is needed.

Basta Properties criteria (2022:A1)
Beta Properties criteria (2022:A1)
Declared Properties criteria (2022:A1)

The following clarification has been undertaken:
Footnote 4 has a new wording:
For PAHs in plastics or rubber parts where exposure can be via skin or mouth, PAHs must not be included in concentrations above the limits specified in REACH EC 1907/2006 Annex XVII, item _ 50. Granules or cover materials used as fillers in artificial turf or in loose form in playgrounds or in sports-related applications may not be registered if they contain more than 20 mg / kg (0.002% by weight) of the sum of all listed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

In addition, minor editorial changes have been made.