Likely with a new Swedish Chemicals Ban!


In addition to phasing out toxic substances at home Sweden currently wants to pursue a harder line with regards to chemical issues in the EU. After Sweden won the battle regarding scientific criteria for endocrine disruptors in the European Court of Justice there are further issues that the government wants to focus and put pressure on.

– We are fighting against the EU to ratify of the Minamata Convention and to remove mercury from for example the industry. Another issue is bisphenol A in drinking water pipes that should not be used in Sweden. However, our neighbouring countries hold a different view on the issue and thus we will continue to pursue this issue in the EU, says Gunvor G Ericson, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment, “Aktuell Hållbarhet”.

The government has in their new memorandum to the parliament continued by summarizing the work needed to achieve the environmental quality objective of living an non-toxic everyday life, which includes bisphenol A in drinking water pipes as one of the big issue which needs to be addressed.

– If there will be a ban or something else I do not know at the moment, but a ban is the likely outcome, says Gunvor G Ericson.

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