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1. Register an account

To get started with Bastaonline, you need to register a user account.

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2. Register your company

Once you have logged in, you can register the company which you represent. You need to finalize the registration by signing the cooperation agreement with Bastaonline AB.

3. Publish articles

You can start publishing your articles once your company account is activated. You can also invite others in your organization so they can manage your article register.

Important information

BASTA is a self-declaration system in which the companies themselves register those articles that meet the systems Property criteria.

To qualify your products the following needed:

  • Declaration of composition – you need to have detailed knowledge of the product’s chemical composition.
  • Basis of assessment – you must verify that the product meets the Property criteria.
  • Competence requirement – A good knowledge of health and environmental assessment (internal or external).
  • Audits – you agree to regularly have your work within the BASTA commitment audited.

Before registering your company, we recommend that you read the cooperation agreement and the properties criteria used in BASTA.

If you want more information and want to further develop you knowledge about the BASTA-system you can visit the BASTA and Document pages.

Annual fee 2019

Turnover < 18 miljoner SEK/year
1-3 articles: 3 350 SEK | 4-10 articles: 6 650 SEK | >10 articles: 10 000 SEK

Turnover > 18 miljoner SEK/year
1-3 articles: 6 650 SEK | 4-10 articles: 13 350 SEK | > 10 articles: 20 000 SEK

All prices excl. VAT