Improved information when selecting products that do not meet the BASTA- or BETA-requirements


IVL has together with Svensk Armaturindustri–Valves & Fittings of Sweden and The Swedish Flooring Trade Association developed guidance documents for two specific product groups that do not meet the BASTA or BETA criteria. These products are by reason of their function, quality or use of resources difficult to replace and there is a need for assistance when selecting products or with the management of deviations.

The BASTA-system will in connection with the publication of the guidance documents introduce a third group that displays the articles referred to in the documents. The articles belonging to the third group will be searchable and the group itself is referred to as RISK EVALUATED. The information stated during the search process clarifies why the product does not meet our criteria as well as other relevant information for more informed product selections.

We would like to bring to your attention that there may be some delay before manufacturers register their products.