BASTA Logbook

An efficient logbook that is easy to use

There has been an increase in the sectors interest in keeping logbooks for building and construction project. One of the reasons is the rise in buildings with environmental certifications, where Miljöbyggnad is predominately used and a log book must be kept to meet the requirements. To obtain their Gold level the log book needs to contain information on the weight and placement of the construction materials in the building.

The BASTA Logbook is a cost efficient and easy to use system for your building and construction projects. The administrator of a project can facilitate its running by inviting concerned users without any additional charges.

Please note that the BASTA Logbook is only available in Swedish.

The rates for the BASTA Logbook services are as follows

Free of charge for the duration of a year...

The BASTA Logbook allows you a maximum of two parallel projects, each with duration of one year, before charges apply. The system is straight forward and easy to understand. BASTA holds regular training courses in the use of this tool.
When your free projects are approaching the one-year limit, you will receive an e-mail regarding upgrading to a Plus account.

The advantages with a Plus account...

If you want to run more than two projects the cost is 3 000 SEK per year and project - starting from project three.
A Plus account is a prerequisite for account transfers as well as certain administrative actions, such as switching administrators.
For those of you with 1-2 projects a charge of 3000 SEK/project will occur by the end of year 1, provided that you have chosen to upgrade to a Plus account.

Business account...

For those of you who run multiple parallel projects we offer the possibility of signing up for a business account. For 1-15 projects you pay 30 000 SEK per year and company. An extra charge of 2 000 SEK per year will occur from the 16th project.
BASTA also offers the possibility of an agreement with an unlimited amount of projects – price on demand.