Great participation at the workshop on new business opportunities in non-toxic construction in the railway sector!


A significant proportion of construction products on the market contain substances with undesirable properties. Representatives from the railway sector met on February 2 to discuss nontoxic building and new business opportunities in the sector.

Together Trafikverket, Infranord, and BASTA invited suppliers of constuction products used for the construction and maintenance of railways to a workshop on non-toxic building. In 2014 held a similar workshop for suppliers to the construction and maintenance of roads.

Together we will create conditions for nontoxic construction

45 participants from 30 different companies, organizations and government agencies attended the workshop. Material suppliers, entrepreneurs, clients and trade and industry organizations, were all represented at the workshop to together create conditions for the future of non-toxic building in the Swedish building and construction sector.

During the workshop, the representatives from the Transport Administration spoke of the systematic work on quality control and monitoring for hazardous substances in materials, goods and chemical products and project Building with BASTA. The contractor’s perspective was given by Infranords representatives who spoke about their view on the product selection process as part of the strategy on sustainable and non-toxic construction as well as the opportunities and challenges they could identify. Sussi Wetterlin, CEO of BASTA, spoke about the structure of the BASTA system and of generating possibilities for new business opportunities with sustainable and non-toxic building and construction. The perspective from a supplier of railway-specific materials were given by Vossloh representative Björnlund Wall, who highlighted and emphasized good examples and challenges when making available information on hazardous substances.

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