Great interest in the building and construction sector’s environmental calculation tool!


The use of the construction sector’s environmental calculation tool, BM, has started off with great success. Currently there are over 250 projects registered and over 200 users. Since the construction sector’s environmental calculation tool was launched, more than 250 people have also taken part in five physical information meetings, six webinars and one training course. For further information…

Reports on the Construction Sector Environment Calculation Tools

The final report on development and the background to the Construction sector environmental calculation tool is now available for download on the BM’s website? Just like a number of other reports that deal with climate calculation of buildings and requirements. Enjoy them here.  For further information…

About the Building Sector Environment Calculation Tools

• Developed in collaboration between IVL and the building- and construction sector’s various players.
• Does not require any prior knowledge about LCA.
• It comes with a database containing average values for the most common Swedish building- and construction materials.
• During the project average data can be replaced with specific EPD data.
• Can be used to meet Environmental Building 3.0 requirements for climate calculation or to verify procurement requirements.