An increase in environmentally certified/eco-labeled contruction!


(published in Aktuell Hållbarhet 2017-11-29)

The eco label “Svanen” announced today that the number of “Svanen” certified buildings increased by 34 per cent from 2016 to 2017. That is in approximation 4 981 buildings in 2016, which then increased to 6 690 buildings at the beginning of 2017. Condominiums are the fastest growing property format. This sector has according to “Svanen” shown a great interest in the “Svanen” eco label and certification. However, the reason that the “Svanen” label is growing the fastest in this sector is simply because “Svanen” is the only consumer labeling/certification for housing.

The “Svanen” label and certification of real estate includes, set requirements for building materials and chemical products, as well as low energy consumption. Svanen” monitors all “Svanen” labeled/certified properties on site. The requirements are tightened continuously, which means that any companies licensed for a “Svanen” certification must always reapply to be able to use the “Svanen” label. “Svanen” certifies houses, multi-family houses, preschools, schools and renovation properties.

In the Swedish Green Building Council the eco-labeling and certification of buildings has also increased in recent years. In June, the organization reported that they for the first time had more than 1,000 buildings certified with the “Miljöbyggnad” certification. Today there are 1,039 buildings in Sweden that are certified in accordance with “Miljöbyggnad”, 369 buildings certified in accordance with Green Building and 242 Swedish LEED certified buildings as well as 24 buildings with a Breeam certification.