Echa: Companies are ill-prepared for Reach 2018


Published 2015-05-29 by MiljöRapporten Direkt

Many companies and EU countries are still unaware of the amount of work required to meet Reach registration deadline in 2018. This was the message from Echa director Andreas Herdina at the Chemicals Agency stakeholders’ day in Helsinki on the 28 to the 29 of May. Echa also told us that the Agency is expecting three times as many registrations by the upcoming deadline in year 2018 as they received during the first Reach deadline.

During the stakeholders’ day the news service Chemical Watch took the opportunity to talk to several Reach experts. These Reach experts wanted to flag for and warn of the tremendous amount of testing and administration which many companies need to implement in the next three years. Stuart Niven, who is the senior regulatory affairs manager at Harlan Laboratories tell Chemial Watch that “My main concern is the companies that have recognized that they must do something, but who are not aware of the timetable, which they need to follow to be able to meet the requirements”.

During the meeting Echa also spoke of the newly established network “Reach 2018 Communicators Network”. This is a network with links to among others the EU countries’ chambers of commerce. The aim is to reach small businesses that are not fully informed about the chemical requirements they need to meet. Further Echa information was that the agency is planning to introduce a homepage for Reach-novices in the month of September.

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