Do not miss the BASTA-day 2022!


The BASTA Day, November 9, 2022 – Now Online and Free!

The seminar is held in Swedish!

It is now time for the BASTA-day 2022. A day when we focus on sustainable material choices and digitized data with input from the construction process’s various stakeholders. The seminar focuses on users, suppliers and the sector’s environmental work and visions to improve and increase the environmental performance of our building materials, buildings and facilities.

Optimal and efficient construction also requires innovative and improved support processes and tools. In today’s seminar, we get to take part in interesting projects that focus on new working methods and methods to increase the efficiency of environmental work.


08.30-08.40: Introduction – Welcome to BASTA Day

8.40-9.50: What’s going on – Developments in Swedish and EU legislation and current projects and issues in the sector

9.50-10.00 Pause

10.00-10.20: BASTA News and coming news in the system

10.20-11.30: The user perspective – Environmental work, experiences, development and digital data use

11.30-11.50: Applications and tools

11.50-12.00 Discussion, Questions and Closing

We welcome you to an interesting online seminar with current lectures, questions and discussions!

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