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BASTA training course for building and construction material suppliers.

Welcome to a BASTA course for those who are new to the BASTA system and for suppliers, producers or manufacturers who want to qualify, validate and register their products with the use off the BASTA Properties Criteria.

This is a practical training course to increase the competence in your company and to create systematic procedures regarding knowledge off as well as the phasing out off hazardous substances in building- and construction products. The course includes how to register, qualify and validate products in the system, the requirements in the sector, the requirements for building materials within the various certification systems, such as the Miljöbyggnad, Svanen, etc., as well as a workshop – where you will have the opportunity to submit your own questions.

Place: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, Stockholm or Gothenburg
Cost: 1250 SEK (excl. VAT)
Register: All the courses are taught in Swedish. If you are interested in English speaking courses please contact us by e-mailing Paulina Rode-Kemlo,
Time: 10.00-16.30
Targetgroup: For manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, consultants and other interested. For more information contact Sussi Wetterlin, eller Paulina Rode-Kemlo,

New online course

BASTA – your tool for the product selection process  – Use of the BASTA system for monitoring and managing material requirements and logbooks

We can now offer you a 45 min to a one and a half hour  long free online training with Skype or Lync.

Contact Paulina Rode-Kemlo to book online training or if you are interested in this training course in a different format,

We will demonstrate how the BASTA  logbook tool is used in a cost-effective and easy way to handle the product selection process and how to make effective demands as a company. How do you determine the level of ambition for non-toxic buildings in terms of materials and follow-up?

Target audience: Anyone who wants to learn more about using the BASTA system to handle product selection process and material requirements. For further information contact Paulina Rode-Kemlo,

Customized BASTA training

What would make a difference in your company development? How can you improve your staff’s knowledge and skills? How do you ensure that your staff is up to date with the latest in this area, such as the latest laws or Directives?

BASTA tailor courses for both suppliers and users for your special needs.

For more information, contact Carina Loh Lindholm,

Tel 010-788 69 21,

A customized training is ideal for those who have specific requests or urgent needs, but is also an effective alternative to traditional courses.

Best regards from BASTA Offices,

BASTAonline AB, Box 21060, SE-100 31 Stockholm, Tel: +46 8 598 563 00.

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Sign up for the BASTA-day Stockholm, 2019

The BASTA-day 2019 – the 7 of November.

The seminar is held in Swedish!

The BASTA-day 2019 will be held November 7, 2019 – save the date! We will provide further updates when the program is published!



Stockholm the 14 of March 2019 is cancelled

Please note that all seminars held in Swedish. If you are interested in English speaking seminars please contact us by e-mailing Paulina Rode-Kemlo,

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