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When we need fast answers, BASTA is straigthforward and user friendly – The BASTA logbook helps you to easily and cost-effectively keep a logbook of your building- and construction projects.

There is great interest in logbooks for building- and construction projects. One reason is the increased number of environmental certifications of buildings where “Miljöbyggnad” is the most widely used system. To meet the requirements of the “Miljöbyggnad”, you must keep a logbook. Furthermore, for the GOLD-level the logbook must also contain information on the placement and quantity of the building- and construction goods in the building.

Price efficient tool
BASTA Logbook is cost-effective and has a price level that is attractive both for single or a large number of projects.

User friendly and efficient
A project involves different users and functions. BASTA Logbook is straightforward, user friendly and has an efficient product selection tool.

Traceability and digitalisation
The BASTA Logbook is a modern digital tool for both businesses and individuals – designed according to current guidelines for logbooks. 
In collaboration with Finfo, we offer an additional service with access to approximately 1.7 million construction products with quality-assured article information.

How to get started

1. Register an account

To be able to start working in the BASTA logbook you need to register a user account on

Register an account

2. Create a workspace

When you have logged in to BASTAonline you start by creating a workspace for your project. The workspace makes it easier for you to get an overview and administrate your projects in the logbook.

3. How to start a project and start sending out invitation

When you have created your workspace, you can start your first project. Invitations can be sent to invite members to your logbook. The 160 000 articles found in BASTA’s database will then be accessible and you can place them in your logbook. An add-on module also offers Finfo’s article database with over 1.7 million articles.


The BASTA logbook is a modern and cost-effective tool. The pricing model is adjusted for businesses that wants to work professionally with logbooks. The logbook also offers a simplified version for non-professional/private individuals.

The cost for the different logbook tools is based on:
• The type of workspace you have chosen for your project
• The number of projects in your workspace
• The status of your projects (Active/archived)

An active project means that the members in the project makes active changes in the project information e.g. such as the article content information
An archived project means that the project members can only read the project information.

Workspace for Businesses

  • Price per active project and year:
    4 500 kr
  • Price per archived project and year:
    500 kr

Workspace Private

  • Price per active project and year: 500 kr
  • Price per archived project and year: 0 kr

Workspace for schools and other institutes of learning

  • Free of cost- contact BASTA if your school are interested in using the BASTA logbook for teaching purposes

Workspace for businesses offers you a full functionality in the BASTA logbook. That includes deviation-management and an unlimited number of projects and users. Furthermore, BASTA online AB also offers you a free access to support and training courses in the Workspace for Businesses.

Workspace Private is limited to 2 projects and 2 users. Deviation-management is not supported in this workspace.

A selection of features


  • Gain insight into environmental assessments and article distribution through aggregated data and charts for an overall project portfolio (workspace)
  • Search and filter all projects in the workspace by using specific articles, suppliers or classifications
  • Transfer projects between workspaces (business), e.g. at the management stage.
  • Allow users with certain domains to automatically join your workspace and its projects
  • Allocate administrative privileges

Full control of project content

  • Visualization and statistics on article content, requirement levels and deviations.
  • Overall project information with status, project number, name, building, designation, object, type and.
  • View the number of articles that meet specific environmental requirements, filter by BSAB, BK04 classifications, or search for individual articles in the project.
  • Use the Logbook’s built-in folder system for an article content structured according to the project or organization’s working methods and documentation routines.
  • Document deviations and status of individual articles.
  • Document the placement of articles, e.g. floor, room, building component, quantity and weight in the building in accordance with for example environmental certification requirements such as in “Miljöbyggnad”.

Find the correct articles

  • A powerful search engine with a response time within milliseconds.
  • Articles can be found via keywords, GTIN, article numbers, RSK, e-numbers and article names.
  • Use filters for environmental evaluation, suppliers, documentation level, BSAB and BK04 to find a suitable selection.
  • Add articles from BASTA’s article database with over 150 000 environmentally evaluated articles regarding chemical content.
  • Support for self-registered articles and other environmental standards.
    Add-on module with the Finfo article database.