BASTA is launching a new logbook for the building- and construction sector!



As more and more areas and houses are built with increasingly high environmental demands and requirements, the need for environmental information on the included building- and construction products is also increasing. New legislation in this area will entail an increase in the demands placed on the different partners and paricipants in the construction chain. BASTA is in collaboration with the industry database Finfo, launching logbook focused on an increased traceability and digital flows for building- and construction products.

– To document the products used in a construction is both resource and time consuming. A basic prerequisite for the work to achieve the desired result is that you can ensure that the right products have been placed in the right place and that work will be greatly facilitated by the logbook, says Sussi Wetterlin, CEO of BASTA.

– Finfo is working actively to enable a coherent flow of information within the construction industry by making quality assured master data available. The collaboration with BASTA is an example of this and it will ensure a more efficient logbook creation for BASTAs users, says Troels Hansen, CEO of Logiq Finfo.

In the new logbook, it is possible to search among more than 160,000 articles that meet the BASTA system’s environmental requirements in terms of chemical content. Through an interface, you can also search online in Finfo’s database where there are more than 1.8 million construction articles with accompanying documentation. The increased traceability of construction products means and is a quality Assurance and is a prerequisite that means that the product you choose for your logbook is indeed the same product as the one you then use for construction.

The logbook can advantageously be used as a digital logbook for environmental certification or where there is a requirement for non-toxic construction. Furthermore, it can also be used to document what is built into the cases where the environmental requirements are not as pronounced.

Finfo and BASTA have for many years collaborated in terms of article identity for the articles registered in the BASTA system. The usefulness of a matching of the databases is, among other things, that the building materials trade via FINFO can receive quality assured information about which articles are registered in the BASTA system. It also allows BASTA to retrieve and share information with other external systems. An example of this is the building materials industry’s own system for digital building product declarations, eBVD, where the logbook has access to available building product declarations according to the new format

– This means that we will achieve a more efficient management of environmental information, which is a big step forward. The collaboration with Finfo has shown that it is possible to create an uninterrupted flow of environmental information throughout the chain. We will now continue on with this development and will continue to refine the logbook together, says Sussi Wetterlin.

Read more about the logbook on Basta’s website

For questions, please contact:
Sussi Wetterlin,, tel. 010-788 66 82, or
Troels Hansen,,  tel. 08- 402 41 30