BASTA and Byggvarubedömningen synchronise the development of chemical criteria


BASTA and Byggvarubedömningen have for a long time had identical chemical criteria which simplifies and streamlines the work for those who work with conscious product choices. To ensure that the criteria does not develop in separate directions BASTA and Byggvarubedömningen have agreed to continue to synchronise the work with updates and further development of chemical properties criteria.

Sussi Wetterlin, BASTA and Jonny Hellman, Byggvarubedömningen:

“We are very positive about the agreement on a more formalized synchronisation of our chemical properties criteria”. BASTA’s Scientific council and Byggvarubedömningens, Criteria council will together have a unique skill which will allow for a continued systematic and scientifically grounded development of the chemical properties criteria.

The synchronisation includes only chemical properties criteria and does not in any other way effect BASTA’s or Byggvarubedömningen’s registration or evaluation principles.