A new Committee has been appointed to review the provision of construction laws and building regulations


Hållbart Byggande, reports in an article (February 23 -17) from the Housing Minister Peter Eriksson’s presentation of a new two-man-appointed committee. The Committee has been mandated to conduct a systematic review of selected chapters in the Planning and Building Act, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building rules and regulations.

Peter Eriksson continues on by stating that “building regulations are to be modernized and that this will foster greater competition and increased residential construction. – Now we will review and get a better control and grasp of regulatory hassles in the construction industry. It will be easier, clearer and more transparent. The Swedish building regulations should in future be designed so that they contribute to increased competition and so that developers and contractors are given the space they need to develop better and cheaper solutions. With clear rules, more people will want to invest in housing, said the Swedish housing and digitalization Minister Peter Eriksson.

The Committee, which will be led by Anna Sander and Kurt Eliasson, will carry out a review of Chapter 8 and 10 in the planning and building Act, Chapter 3-5 and Chapter 7 of the planning and building regulation. A review should also be made of the BBR and the regulations on the application of the European construction standards and the standards these refer to.

The two-man Committee will also be asked to look at the effectiveness efficiency and scale of the regulatory frameworks. The investigation will also analyze how the regulatory framework can be designed to reduce the climate-and environmental impacts during the construction process and in the choice of construction materials.

Anna Sander is techn. Lic. from KTH and has worked as an environmental and quality manager at NCC, Director and head of the unit responsible for planning issues within the Government offices. Kurt Eagle has a background as a PAF Ombudsman on tenants Association and Director of the National construction before he became President in Gothenburg municipality real estate group-future. ”

In an article in Statskoll.se (February 28 -17) the government further notes that – the committee are at liberty to propose new amendments in regulations that impose requirements on the design and construction of buildings and facilities.

The Committee shall, in the part relating to the provisions of the building regulations continuously transmit their proposal to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

Considerations and proposals in the field of standards must be reported no later than the 29th of December 2017.

Considerations and proposals with regard to the reduction of climate-and environmental impact of the construction process and choices of materials shall be submitted by the 30th of November 2018. The mission should in General be accounted for by the 13th of December 2019.