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Begin your company registration in the BASTA-system by following the three simple steps as described further down on this page. When this is finalized, please send in the requested information and you will receive the log-in information to start register your products.

The advantages of a BASTA registration

A strong commitment to the environment

Promote your products in a system with a freely available information for all who want to make active product selections. Your company demonstrates a commitment to health and environment issues as well as to reduce the exposure of substances of high concern.

Give your business an advantage

A BASTA registration is a prerequisite for participation in procurement tenders where high demands are placed on chemical content. In our society there is a growing interest in the environmental certification of buildings and the products in the BASTA system qualify for Miljöbyggnad.

Annual fee 2018 (excl VAT)

Turnover 18 million SEK/ year

1-3 articles = 3000 SEK, 4-10 articles = 6000 SEK, >10 articles = 9000 SEK

Turnover 18 million SEK/ year

1-4 articles = 6000 SEK, 4-10 articles = 12 000 SEK, >10 articles = 18 000 SEK

Get started

BASTA is a self-declaration system in which the companies themselves register those articles that meet the systems Property criteria.  To qualify your products the following needed:

  • Declaration of composition – you need to have detailed knowledge of the product’s chemical composition.
  • Basis of assessment – you must verify that the product meets the Property criteria.
  • Competence requirement – A good knowledge of health and environmental assessment (internal or external).
  • Audits – you agree to regularly have your work within the BASTA commitment audited.

When you have read through the documentation and accepted our terms of agreement, you continue the registration process. The registration process is finalised when you sign a cooperation agreement with BASTAonline AB. Thereafter, we will send you a password which gives you access to the registration section of the system.


In order for your company to register products you must register some information about the company and the people who put together the information about the products registered.

*) Compulsory information

Basic information
Marketing organisation
The company putting the product on the Swedish market, if other than above (optional)
Contact Person
External contact details (shown on the company page)
Contact details that are reported externally

Competence used to assess registered products. This information will not be shown externally.

Thank you for you registration!
Your company details have now been registered. The following documents shall be sent to BASTAonline AB, Box 201 60, 100 31 Stockholm.

  • Cooperation agreement in two copies, signed by an authorised signatory.
  • Documentation proving the authorised signatory.

Within 1 week  we will send you a password and an invoice with the annual fee. The password is additionally sent by e-mail and as soon as you have received it you can start to register all products which are qualified according to the criteras of the BASTA-systems.

The information you registered in step 2 will not be published until you have registered the first product.

Cooperation agreement
Cooperation agreement appendix 1

If you need further information related to the registration of products go to – This is how BASTA works